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Jun 21
  • Registration Starts
  • Pizza Dinner & Networking
  • Welcome
  • Pitches Start
  • Attendees vote for the top ideas
  • Teams start forming and discussing ideas
  • Speakers&Debate
  • Start to formalize teams and take an inventory of skills. Be honest, and direct about what resources and skills are needed for the weekend. You may stay and work as late as the venue will allow.


Jun 22
  • Welcome Coffee
  • Teams formed and setting up workspace for the weekend
  • Workshop: Cloud Technology for Startups
  • Lunch
  • Call for needs & skills
  • Coaches help teams one-on-one. They are here to help!
  • Dinner
  • Midweekend check-in, status reports, call for help
  • Finished for the day. You may stay and work as late as the venue allows


Jun 23
  • Welcome Coffee
  • Call for help (this is self motivated, so don’t be shy)
  • Lunch
  • Coaches arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Gut check. Start prepping for presentations
  • Snacks & Coffee
  • Judging & awards
  • Wrapup
  • Go home!
  • Dinner for Staff and Mentors
Platinum Sponsors

Eiso Kant

Speaker from Tyba   |   LinkedIn

Eiso Kant is co-founder and managing director at Tyba, a platform for junior talent to showcase their professional potential and for recruiters to connect with the candidates. He also founded the Twollars service in 2008, and has previously worked with Booz & Company and AkzoNobel. His passions include entrepreneurship, startups, and solving real world problems by building useful internet applications.
Watch Kant's talks at his oficial website:

Angel Medinilla

Speaker from Agile   |   LinkedInGoogle+

Angel has 16+ years working experience in the ICT market, five of them in AUNA (second biggest Telco operator in Spain) as a Project Manager and Systems Engineer two of them in Iberbanda (WiMax operator) as a Project Manager. Relevant experience in Research&Development, including several EC funded projects, and advanced Internet services development. Started my own Agile Consulting firm in 2007. Today, Proyectalis is considered the leading Agile training, consulting and coaching company in Spain and one of the best known in Europe, offering Scrum training and implementation to a wide spectrum of software, telco and internet local and worlwide companies.

Gold Sponsors

Pedro Janela

Judge from WYgroup   |   LinkedIn

Pedro Janela managed Interactive Marketing in the Portuguese market for the last 13 years, having worked with several blue chip companies: BES, Honda, Grupo Pestana, Grupo Portucel Soporcel, Toshiba, among others. He has deep knowledge in digital and interactive marketing: Consulting, Web Development, Interactive Advertising, Search Engine, Mobile Development, Social Media, Performance Marketing, CRM and e-mail marketing. He developed WYgroup, where he currently steers the development of the group that in FY 2011 had more than 100 Clients, 120 employees, 10 companies.

Hugo Pereira

Judge from SeedCapital   |   LinkedIn

Hugo Pereira is an experienced private equity/venture capital professional with a broad and deep knowledge in execution of deals in all stages of investment across multiple European countries. He is co-Funder of Shliling Capital Partners, where he is an Investor for SeedCapital. Hugo is also board member of the APBA (Business Angels Association). He is owner and member of the board of MOGOPE-SGPS, president at Kendall Develops and Non-executive member of the board at ASK Private Equity. He has studied at Portuguese Catholic University and at Havard Business School.

Pedro Rocha Vieira

Judge from Beta-i   |   LinkedIn

Pedro Rocha Vieira has a business degree from Portuguese Catholic University in Lisbon and after some years in the banking industry, he left to a 9 month South America road-trip. Back in Portugal he worked at Chapitô circus school and then co-founded the "Social Innovation Programme" at TESE that he co-directed for 3 years. After finishing its post-graduation in "Innovation, Strategy and Foresight" at ISEG, he worked as the head of the design response unit at experimentadesign. Presently he is a freelance innovation consultant and co-founder and President of Beta-i.

Walter Palma

Judge from Caixa Geral de Depósitos   |   LinkedIn

Walter is currently an Investment Director at Caixa Capital, the venture capital and private equity arm of Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD). He has close to 25 years of professional experience, both in Portugal and internationally. He began his career with KMPG Canada in Toronto, having transferred to the Lisbon (Portugal) office in 1991, where he specialized in the Financial Services sector and Corporate Finance. He later moved to Banco Finantia, a small Portuguese investment bank, as Head of Research and as a Director in the Corporate Finance department. In 2001, Walter moved to the CGD to found a corporate venturing focused developing internet and technology start-ups, where he also exercised roles as interim CFO and Key Strategist for several new ventures.

Henrique Carreiro

Judge from Microsoft   |   LinkedIn

Carreiro's life purpose is to help bringing to the Global market some of the best innovation being created by Portuguese companies. Henrique Carreiro leads the Academic and Startup Initiatives at Microsoft Portugal. Henrique Carreiro has a Major in Electronic Engineering by IST and Post-Graduations in Computers and Telecommunications (IST) as well as Information Society Law. He was a lecturer on Math and Computers at IST and other Universities and is a frequent speaker on Information Society trends. He drove the adoption of Microsoft platforms by the leading Telcos, Media Companies and Application Service Providers, launching some of the largest Hosting and E-Commerce platforms in the country, based in MS technology and helping the development of the local Startup ecosystem.

Nicolas Hazard


After a European education in Politics and Economics (Sciences Po Paris, F.U. Berlin, HEC Paris), Nicolas Hazard worked as an advisor for L’Unione, with Romano Prodi, former President of the European Commission and President of the Italian Council. He is now Vice-Chairman at Groupe SOS, the European leading social enterprise (10 000 employees, $750 M turnover) and Chairman at Le Comptoir de l’Innovation, company which invests, supports and promotes the development of social enterprises around the world. He is also part of the European Commission social business expert group (GECES). Nicolas is the co-author of the essay “L'entreprise du XXIe siècle sera sociale (ou ne sera pas)” published in 2012.

Silver Sponsors

Rui Alves

Mentor for Web2.0 Business   |  

Rui Alves is the CEO of Rupeal, where he thrives to create a culture of happiness, excellence and growth. He is black belt in leadership, negotiation, selling, coaching, strategy planning, software development, human resources management. He is also CEO of InvoiceXpress and big boss of SWAT – Special Web Apps and Tactics. He has a degree from Nova University of Lisbon.

Sofia Pessanha

Mentor for Business Strategy   |   LinkedIn

Sofia Passanha has 10 years professional experience: 3 in a large corporation, 3 in a start-up going from 30 to 300 employees in 3 years, and 4 more years doing her own stuff. She studied Business Management at Nova University of Lisbon and has extensive business, product development, mobile and online, marketing and sales experience. She had international exposure doing business in more than 20 countries around the world, and backpacking in India, South East Asia and China. She is fluent in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and can get by in French.

Sandrine Marvão

Mentor for Legal Matters   |   LinkedIn

Sandrine Marvão has been both an attorney and an entrepreneur throughout her 10 years of professional experience, during which she has developed skills in International Law, Corporate Law, International Affairs, Negotiation and Business Development. She is fluent in five languages and has worked in Paris, Brussels, Milan and Lisbon from single person companies to multinational organizations. She is an EU expert in aerospace and entrepreneurship and an associate of Beta-i. She also has been actively engaged in supporting children’s rights.

Diogo Teles

Mentor for Mobile App Development   |   LinkedIn

Diogo Teles is co-founder and advisor of Mobitto and passioned about mobile and user experience. He has been developing mobile applications since 2007. Diogo is also crazy for analog photography and he owns several models of old Analog cameras. He speaks English, Spanish and a little French.

Fernando Matos

Mentor for Project Management and Technologies' Solutions   |   LinkedIn

Fernando is a Consultant, Project Manager and Business Developer in a wide variety of consultancy projects. Presently he is a partner at Closer. He worked more than two years as a senior manager at KPI solutions and as manager at WeDo Consulting. Fernando was also senior consultant at Arthur Andersen and programmer at GE Capital IT Solutions. He has a degree in Management and Computer Science from ISCTE.

José Seruya

Mentor for Leadership and Personal Development

José Seruya is a professor at Portuguese Catholic University, running subjects related to Leadership, Institutional Comunnication and Personal Development. He has been administrator at Unicer, Manager at Fricasa and Galp and Director of IPAM. He has relevant experience in businesses and start-ups, as well as in the setting up of commercial operations in Spain. He has also worked as a commercial manager in a multinational oil company. José has a PhD in Management from Université Jean Moulin and a degree in Sociology from ISCTE.

Ricardo Flores

Mentor for Gamification   |   LinkedIn

Ricardo has been working in videogames and mobile areas since 1998, joined Biodroid Entertainment in 2007 as co-founder of the company mobile and web games division. At Biodroid he assumed the roles of Producer and Mobile Business Development and managed Billabong Surf Trip (iOS and Android), Cristiano Ronaldo ( iOS, Android, PC/Mac and IPTV ), MegaRamp Skate BMX ( iOS and Android) and NutriVentures ( iOS ). Currently working on Billabong Surf Trip 2, MegaRamp Championship and another major title he also developed the Gamification team and platform now working with Element and Billabong on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Mobile Apps and SmartTV.

Bernardo d'Eça Leal

Mentor for Hospitality   |   LinkedIn

His work experience is defined by passages by different leisure and hospitality industries – Tivoli Hostels & Resorts, Holmes Place, José Maria da Fonseca Wines (INOV Contacto – Stockholm), Costaterra (Grupo Queiroz Pereira). The turning point as an entrepreneur happens when he co-funds a Boutique Guesthouse in the Sintra region, which in 2010 was nominated as one of the best new private tourism ventures. At the end of 2010 he went on to fund a new company with his brothers and in 2011 they open The Independente, Lisbon´s first Luxury Hostel with and open-to-all restaurant – The Decadente.

Fabian Gebert

Mentor for SaaS and Online Marketing   |   LinkedIn

Fabian's father gave him a basic programming book when he was 10 and he didn't stop coding ever since. He started his first software business when he was 16, sold it four years later and did his master thesis in data mining on bio physics data at Beiersdorf, Hamburg (Nivea). In Jan 2013, he co-founded Akanoo, a SaaS tool to boost on-site conversion of eCommerce sites. He's now manager of director of Ge Go Software GmbH at Hamburg. Gebert's Vision: providing SMB and large enterprises with modern workflow tools that enable them to run more efficiently.

Eiso Kant

Mentor for Programming   |   LinkedIn

Eiso Kant is co-founder and managing director at Tyba, a platform for junior talent to showcase their professional potential and for recruiters to connect with the candidates. He also founded the Twollars service in 2008, and has previously worked with Booz & Company and AkzoNobel. His passions include entrepreneurship, startups, and solving real world problems by building useful internet applications.

Paulo Fonseca

Mentor for User Experience   |   LinkedIn

Paulo is a creative designer with a taste for emerging technologies, services and life. He as developed several projects in the fields of digital design (Web/UX/UI/Mobile), graphic design and branding. Nowadays he is more focused on developing high-quality digital products and services with a key focus on User Experience.
He is the Co-Founder of Entrepreneurs Break an association that aims to ignite students for the entrepreneurship path, and he is also the Co-Founder of Whistle, his main project, which is an online marketplace for personal and household services provided by talented people nearby.

Pedro Almeida

Workshop Cloud Technology from Echiron   |   LinkedIn

Pedro Almeida, graduated with a BSc in Computer Science Engineering from the Faculty of Science and Technology – Lisbon Nova University. His final year project addressed «Distributed Setup and Management for Teaching Labs». He later completed a Masters degree at the same faculty, focusing on «Communications and Security».
Pedro has been in echiron since 2005, he leads the Networking and Security team and is also responsible for «Distributed System and Service Monitoring» on dedicated and cloud infrastructure. He’s worked on several development and teaching projects around SaaS and several programming languages.

Nuno Machado

Mentor for Social Marketing, Social Network and Pitching   |   LinkedIn

Nuno is the owner of the well known blog: about tech, mobile and social media. You can normally catch up with him at the main tech events. Nuno is also the mentor for the Founder Institute Entrepreneur and responsible for the Silk experience, at Silk, one the main and exclusive clubs in Lisbon. He's an usual advisor to startups in several áreas.

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André Marquet
Natacha Ribeiro
Petko Anchev
Sofia Ribeiro
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